Free yourself with a holistic approach to addiction intervention treatment and anxiety treatment in our New York City and Westchester New York Offices.

Overcome Disorders through Compassionate,
      Professional Addiction Intervention,
      Anxiety and Depression Treatment
            & More

Whether due to the challenges life throws our way, our physiological makeup or both; we face obstacles throughout our lives. Learning proper methods of coping with the conditions that result from life's challenges is vital to ensuring your success and peace.

As a licensed doctor and board certified psychiatrist in New York City and Westchester County, New York; I'm able to help you live a vibrant and meaningful life. With a combination of proven medical practices and holistic approaches, you'll find yourself able to overcome many disorders. These include addiction intervention treatment, anxiety and depression treatment and many more.

Bipolar Disorder

Though it may not seem possible, order, structure, hope and confidence can be part of your everyday life once again. Because depression and bipolar disorder affect your physical body as well as your mind, they require a comprehensive approach. My clients have found success comes for most when a combination of medicine and therapy, including holistic therapies are used.

Anxiety Disorders

When your mind starts racing, your heart pounds and troubling scenarios and images fill your mind, it can quickly become paralyzing. Today there are more options in anxiety treatment than ever before. If you think you've exhausted all avenues and are still suffering, don't give up. Through a comprehensive approach to anxiety treatment that takes place in my New York City or Westchester office, you can soon recapture that peace you long for.

Addiction/Substance Abuse

No one intends to bring addiction into their lives. Whether it happened while working through a medical condition that required prescription drugs or through a series of poor choices, substance abuse didn't start to control your life overnight. It was a gradual process that you may not have even noticed at first. Addiction can leave in the same way. Through addiction intervention treatment as well as psychological and physical treatment, you can conquer the monster that now controls your life.


The mental and physical distress associated with ADD can be exhausting. Not to mention the toll it takes on your personal and family relationships as well as your career. When you recognize that the symptoms are intruding in your life and you're ready to take action, know that help is available in the confidential setting of my New York City or Westchester office.

Relationship Issues

When relationships you thought you could depend on forever become unstable, it may seem there is no hope. Getting to the core of the issues can often be quite revealing and helpful for healing the relationship itself as well as the individuals. Once understanding has been reached, you'll be better equipped to deal with the emotions that often cloud the real issues. I work with individuals, couples and families to strengthen relationships.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

If you've suffered a traumatic experience such as a natural disaster, airplane crash or assault and “can't stop remembering,” help is available. It may comfort you to know that PTSD is as much a physical response as it is a mental process. The stress response systems in your body may not be performing optimally, thus leaving you with images and feelings you seem unable to shed. Working with a well trained and caring physician, you can find the relief you seek.

Whether you relate to one or more of the above or you have other issues you wish to discuss, please email or call me today at 212.684.4804 or 914.584.4456. It would be my pleasure to set up an appointment to evaluate your case and determine if I am able to provide the care you require.