Intro to Hypnotherapy

Welcome to the blog of Dr Joy Clark, a holistic psychiatrist in private practice in New York. The topics I will cover here will vary over time but I wanted to start today with some discussion of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There has been a great deal of interest in hypnosis over the past few years in my current and prospective clients. They most often ask what hypnosis is and how it could help with their personal road blocks. Fortunately I believe that hypnosis is a very effective tool for therapy. I have seen people move faster to wellness using this therapy option than any other I’ve encountered.┬áIn my next post I will be discussing what hypnosis is and isn’t and what hypnosis can and cannot do for you.

About Joy Clark, M.D.

I am a holistic psychiatrist with a private practice in both New York City and Westchester County, NY.
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